The power of beauty, community and mystery for thriving with ourselves and the planet. Gary Ferguson & Mary M. Clare

The power of beauty, community and mystery for thriving with ourselves and the planet. Gary Ferguson & Mary M. Clare

An inspiring conversation with the authors of the book "Full Ecology" about humans, animals, trees and even conciousness!

The fullness of ecology is bringing together the wisdom about and in nature with the wisdom about and in humans

The superpowers in nature which have evolved for millions of years, have also found their place in human beings because we are nature

Nature is not something out there that we are going to save

Can we nudge a perceptual shift in our perception of nature and of ourselves and move towards less separation between the two

Can we move towards the truth of who we are, that we are as much nature as anything else, and can again occupy our right size in the world. Not as rulers and dominators, but as an integral part of nature and in respectful kinship with each other and nature

We can’t live with out the protection of the billions of natural microbes on our skins and inside our bodies, our melatonin levels are set by millions of years of interacting with the sun, and we can’t live with out all these intricate settings from the natural world.

How sensing Kinship with the land and bonding with our natural environment benefits us immensely in our wellbeing

We explore what implications the agricultural revolution 10.000 years ago had on how humans view on nature, how they perhaps lost the notion of embeddednes in nature and the notion of reverence for the environment.

Maybe our separation from nature started with the agricultural revolution

This initial separation lead to the Cartesian notions of objectifying everything and divorcing every thing from every other thing

Is our mind still evolving? Is there a quickening in the evolution of our consciousness happening at this time? Separation

Diversity is the number one predictor of health and resiliency in nature

In wolf packs, elephant herds or lion-herds, there will always be a great diversity of “personalities”.

We have to stop believing that we are better than people of other nationality, culture or colour - that brings resiliency and wellbeing for all.

How the wolfs were exterminated from Yellowstone national Park, and how the wholeness of that ecosystem was disrupted. And how the health of that ecosystem regenerated when the wolfs were introduced to Yellowstone again.

How more and more people are questioning whether the small ego is always telling us the truth.

Can we move towards the mind and the ego being in service of the heart instead of the other way around.

The heart thrives in kinship and relationship, and life on earth is completely dependant on healthy relationships.

Why we need to just STOP and not just act all the time. To really be in touch with ourselves and our environments

To take a moment, and just listen to the peace, and from there start looking at what is actually going on here?

How improvisation is critical for us to be of true service to whatever is arising moment by moment

How it is much easier to just stop and be, when you are in nature, and from there we can then bring it into our normal lives, and see what happens.

What does it look like to bring our beautiful experiences that we have in nature, into our daily day lives.

From stopping we have the opportunity of getting a good sense of what actions are the most appropriate.

How regenerative agriculture is surging around the world, and how it supports the diversity of the land.

Acknowledging how life really works on this planet, is vital to be able to support regeneration.

Do we really stop by the edge of our skins? Do I end where my skin ends?

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