How the oceans make life on earth possible and the secrets of the deep abyss, with Helen Scales

How the oceans make life on earth possible and the secrets of the deep abyss, with Helen Scales

Marine biologist Helen Scales passion for the ocean, all its creatures and its whole otherworldliness is truly fascinating - it shows us how to keep intact our curiosity, our awe and our respect for all life and all places, also the ones we cannot see.

Why did she become a marine biologist - a nature-kid with a tiny little stone cottage by the sea in Cornwall

The sensation of breathing under water - the closest she could get to being a fish, and the first time she saw a fish under water

The sensation of putting herself into an other world - wanting to se what is in the hidden worlds

And how when you are really paying attention, you can see the most wondrous really small creatures

The ocean is a huge mass of life, and all that life is interdependently connected

How the ocean pulls out half of all the carbon dioxide that the planet pulls down

How the ocean feeds the earth, and vice versa.

How we can so easily disrupt these networks. And how changing one thing, has consequences for other things

how the ocean absorbs both excess heat and CO2, and how that co2 absorption creates ocean acidity

The coral reefs are both being impacted by the heating of the ocean and the acidity

1/4 of all the life in the ocean lives around coral reefs

We speak about the deep sea coral reefs growing on seamounts

How the Greenland shark lives for 500 years

How we need each other to survive

Where does one life begin and another one begin, when many living beings live in such deep symbiosis

How life goes absolutely everywhere, and just adapt

Chemo-synthesis on hydrothermal vents, full of toxic chemicals, and lots of animals are adapted to that environment

How chemo-synthesis is a wholly different kind of all life than life as we know it, which is dependent on photosynthesis.

deep sea mining for our green revolution like electric car batteries

The paradigm of just keep extracting from the earth, without giving back

Thinking about regeneration

There is an increasing interest in nature and our connection to nature

Important to start individually to make changes

What kind of world do we want to live in?

Can we make the mental shift and keep exploring the world, but not having to extract what we find.

We talk about the possibility of life on other planets

NASA is looking closely at life in the deep oceans

How life on the planet perhaps started in the deep oceans

What is life actually, and how energy needs to be generated for life to arise

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