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"For anyone who is caught in the middle." (Change)

Are you caught in the middle? Between a life you've outgrown and one that isn't quite ready for you? In today's episode, Emma reminds us how most big change works.

If you could talk to you, this is what it would sound like. In under five-minute clips, the Life Letters™ explores the topics of growth, change, self-love, relationships, and happiness. Hosted by author Emma Grace of Instagram’s hugely popular 'Live in the Details,' the Life Letters™ will hand you a daily dose of the words you never knew you always needed to hear.

Podcast Transcript: Most change isn’t the big, cataclysmic, shift-everything-in-your-whole-life kind of change. But that is often what we think, isn’t it? Because those are often the worries that infiltrate our hearts and minds. The worst case scenarios— the what-ifs. But as we walk the roads of our lives— what we find is actually quite the opposite, isn’t it? Most change happens so very slowly that we can’t even see it happening until it has already happened. And I’ll tell you how it works. One day, we simply make a decision. Maybe it’s a conscious choice— maybe it’s not. But we make this single choice to do something differently than we did the day before. And then we do it the next day. And the next. And all of a sudden, we have a new routine. And when that routine lasts for long enough, it tilts the direction of entire lives. And that choice— that routine— can be good or bad. It can tilt us in amazing ways— or hurtful ways. But no matter what circumstances surround our decisions everyday, one thing is always very, very true. It is impossible to move away from one thing without moving in the direction of something else. Look, I know it’s hard when you’re caught in the middle. In the place where you’re trying so hard to step out of a life that isn’t right for you. And into one that is. I know it is so hard to keep going when you’re tired. And you’re trying. But all around you, you just can’t see things changing. They are. Trust me. Think of how a flower grows. You can’t ever see it, but it happens just that same. We notice when the sprout emerges from the ground. We notice the flower when it emerges. But we don’t see— we can’t see— all the things that happen in-between. That’s where you are. Don’t stop growing when you are going towards something so amazing. Have faith in the process that is shaping you.

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