Life Letters™

"Don't let them hold you where you no longer fit." (Growth)

Are you letting people and things from your past hold you from your future? In today's episode, Emma gets us thinking about how progress works. And how we must change for things to change. 

If you could talk to you, this is what it would sound like. In under five-minute clips, the Life Letters™ explores the topics of growth, change, self-love, relationships, and happiness. Hosted by author Emma Grace of Instagram’s hugely popular 'Live in the Details,' the Life Letters™ will hand you a daily dose of the words you never knew you always needed to hear.

Podcast Transcript: Trying to change is a hard thing. Perhaps— its the absolute hardest thing we ever do. And while we’re getting up early and staying up late and bleeding and sweating and sacrificing for the things we want or need in this life— we often get one more thing added to our plates, don’t we? Something that always tends to make the load heavier and the way less straight. Other. People’s. Opinions. Other people’s— push-back. You know what it looks like. It’s the “oh, wow, you’ve really changed,” and the “I just don’t understand you anymore.” It’s the family and friends and people we’ve loved sitting us down and asking if we’re alright. If we “know” what we’re doing. If we’re thinking about the big picture. If we’re— sure. And they talk and argue and push. A lot. But, if f you have already thought through what you’re doing, and you are working TOWARDS something that means SOMETHING to you— then you need to ignore those voices. You do. Completely. And— don’t be rude. Listen. Think. But it is totally up to you whether you let someone else chart the course of your life for you. Everybody means well when they give advice. They do. But advice is just them weaving their experiences and their regrets into a nice little bundle of something they want you to carry. But if you carry everything that other people hand you, your life is the thing that gets heavy. That gets hard. Your life is the thing that gets— heavy. So be selective with what you decide to make a part of you. Be selective. Be selective. 

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