Sometimes it feels like it's never going to end, doesn't it? In today's episode, Emma hands us another little dose of hope for these uncertain times.

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Podcast Transcript: I know you’re tired. I know you are so tired of all of this. Of the not knowing. Of the waiting for it to end. Of the not knowing how long it’s actually going to last. I know you are tired of feeling like things are spinning. And you’re not in control. I know you’re tired of grasping for something solid to hold onto— for anything that tells you you’re not in this all alone. I know you want your routine back. I know you want your normal back— your regular old life. The everyday days that seem like such a distant memory now. I know you’re tired of worrying. And thinking. And overthinking. And planning. I know you’re tired of trying to predict what tomorrow is going to throw you, and whether you’ll be ready for it when it does. I know you’re tired of buying too much. And storing too much. And not being able to hug your family. I know you are tired of not being able to see your friends, and not being able to go places, and having to cancel all of the things on your calendar you’ve been looking forward to for so long. I know you’re tired, love. From all of it. From trying. And doing. And feeling like you’re failing. But mostly, from trying to keep yourself and everyone around you safe by giving up. By giving up so very much. For something so small. And so invisible. And so terrifying. I know it feels like this is never going to end. But it will. And trust me when I say that you are not the only one feeling the way you are. Like you just can’t keep it together. Like what the world is asking for you to carry keeps getting heavier and heavier. We will get through this. We will. But until we do, let me just reassure you. You are not alone. And we are all in this together. So just keep focusing on doing the best you can, with the worst you get. Hang on, love. Hang on.

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