Episode Guest: Sten Stray-Gunderson

Sten is a certified BStrong BFR expert, training high-level athletes, and hosting seminars and educational training sessions to inform trainers, coaches, and therapist on how to properly and safely implement BFR into their programs. Additionally, Sten works for Reach Outcomes, an Austin-based performance center for athletes, providing holistic and integrated programming to maximize and accelerate performance.

Sten has been an athlete his whole life, and played D1 collegiate soccer at Dartmouth. Combining his personal athletic experiences with the science of exercise physiology, Sten aims to provide high-level expertise and real-world solutions to training and performance. Sten earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology with Economics at Dartmouth College before earning a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Texas at Austin, and is currently continuing his pursuit in Exercise Physiology by working towards a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin


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In This Episode:

Sten Stray-Gunderson really knows his stuff when it comes to Blood Flow Restricition (BFR) training! Tune into this one if you want to learn more about the subject. Whether you're first hearing about it now or if you've been familiar and using it for years, most everyone has something to learn in this one!

Show Notes

01:30 - BFR training in a nutshell

04:00 - The origins and background of BFR training

05:45 - In what contexts BFR training is used today

08:00 - How BFR training works

10:45 - What the research says about BFR training

14:00 - How BFR training can be used to facilitate joint repair

19:00 - Jason's experience tinkering around with BFR training

23:15 - BFR training while travelling

24:30 - Dangers and considerations to be mindful of when first trying BFR training

28:15 - Sten's experience with discovering and eventually becoming an expert in BFR training

35:00 - The origins and unique nature of B Strong

40:00 - Time-saving potential of BFR training

44:00 - The potential effect BFR training may have on HRV

45:15 - An example of BFR training in practice

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