In This Episode:

We cover what Don has been up to since the last time we had him on the podcast. Additionally, we explore what he learned from working in the cannabis industry, what he has to teach us about spermidine and autophagy, and some ways in which we can optimize health and longevity.




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Show Notes:

01:15 - What Don has been up to the last couple of years

03:30 - How he transitioned into an opportunity to work in the cannabis industry

06:45 - The importance of the endocannabinoid system and how it works at a high level

09:00 - The evolution of cannabis legislation and the market in recent years

12:30 - The opportunity to use cannabis products as wellness tools

18:00 - Take-aways for those interested in trying cannabis products

25:00 - How Don transitioned into working for Longevity Labs

26:30 - What spermidine is and how it functions in the body

28:15 - What autophagy is and why we should care about it

33:45 - What people can expect to feel when supplementing with spermidine

37:15 - Energy toxicity and how we can bring it back into balance

39:30 - The difference between healthspan and lifespan and it's implications on what we should to to improve our longevity

45:30 - Intermittent fasting and it's implications on sports performance and longevity

52:30 - Spermidine and autophagy's role in immunity and potential for protection against viruses such as COVID-19

1:00:45 - How Don has used a mission-driven philosophy to re-define himself and his personal purpose

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