REVELATION • Victory in Jesus • LESSON 16 August 12 Revelation 13 The Beast of the Sea and the Beast of the Earth 1. Take a moment to refresh yourself on the overall context of this incredible vision John is experiencing. What has just happened in the vision? In light of what has just happened, what can we anticipate about the content of Revelation 13? 2. Remember what we studied from Daniel 7. How does it relate to what we are being shown in Revelation 13:1-2? 3. What ought we to make of the fact that the dragon gave the beast rising out of the sea his power and his throne and his great authority (13:2)? 4. How would you summarize the scene as depicted in Revelation 13:3-4? 5. This beast rising out of the sea “was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months” (13:5). Is there any significance to this language? 6. In your own words, what is being revealed in Revelation 13:6-10? 7. In light of everything we have been told in Revelation 13:1-10, what might this first beast represent? 8. And what about the second beast, “rising out of the earth”? In light of what is revealed in Revelation 13:11-18, what might this second beast represent? 9. “The number of a man…666” (13:18). Much speculation has gone into this statement which “calls for wisdom.” What should we make of it? 10. Revelation 13 is a daunting and incredible chapter in this breathtaking vision. If you were going to summarize its overall message in one sentence, how would you do it?

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