1. By its use of "Then," Revelation 21:1 assumes we remember the context of what is happening inthis incredible vision. Take a moment to remind yourself: what is going on?2. What are "the first heaven and the first earth" (zt:t)? And "a new heaven and a new eatth"?3. When an original reader of this incredible revelation given toJohn heard the phrase "newJerusalem," (21:2) what sort of things might have gone through their mind?4. John hears a loud voice from the throne saying, "Behold, the dwelling place {tabernacle) of Cod iswith man" (zt:z).What is the significance of this declaration, especially in light of our Bibleclasses throughout 2015?5. What do the glorious promises of Revelati on27:3-4 indicate about the time frame wherein God'speople might expect these comforting words to be fulfilled?6. "Behold,I am making all things new" (21:5). what should we make of these words of the oneseated on the throne?7. What"is done" (zt.o)?8.' In what way is a "portion" in "the lake that burns with fire and sulfur" a "second deatb" (zt:a)?g. As difficult as it is, how wouldyou put the incredible description of "the holy cityJerusalem"(zt:g-zl) in your own words?10. Having reached the end of Revelati onZ1,what is being communicated? What is the overallmessage? How does that overall message apply to us today?

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