The Doctor Doom Cast, Episode 14: "Silence, Buffoon! (Thor #182, "The Prisoner...The Power...And...Dr. Doom!", Thor #183, "Trapped in Doomsland!")

The Doctor Doom Cast, Episode 14: "Silence, Buffoon! (Thor #182, "The Prisoner...The Power...And...Dr. Doom!", Thor #183, "Trapped in Doomsland!")

"Greetings, fools!"  Welcome back to The Doctor Doom Cast, the world's leading Doctor Doom focused podcast!

In this episode, we review the good doctor's run-in with the Mighty Thor! We start with a look at Thor #182, "The Prisoner...The Power...And...Dr. Doom!" and then move on to the thrilling conclusion in Thor #183, "Trapped in Doomsland!"

Thor stumbles upon a protest at the Latverian embassy, which quickly turns into a scuffle between "hippie anarchists" and...conservatives(?) (If you are against those protesting Doom, are you yourself Thor involves himself in the situation, and uses his alter ego as "lame physician" Dr. Donald Blake to get himself closer to Doom. Thor/Blake then goes on to prove himself to be maybe the worst medical professional of all time, as he reveals perhaps the most unsympathetic and just downright offensive bedside manner ever portrayed in fiction.

We discuss Doom's disregard for hippies, question if he might be a Facebook stalker, and ponder his feelings on print news. Is Doom an avid reader of the Daily Bugle, and if so, what is his reading routine? Does he enjoy the comics section? Is he a fan of "Funky Winkerbean", or perhaps "The Family Circus"? Is he a coupon clipper? Bill augments this discussion with his first-hand insight into the sometimes shady world of print newspapers, including what really happens when someone yells, "Stop the presses!" (Spoiler alert: Usually nothing)

Meanwhile, our survey continues! Ask yourselves this, and let us know your thoughts: Who are Doctor Doom's greatest and worst adversaries? Define "greatest" and "worst" however you'd like. "Greatest" can mean toughest to defeat, closest to Doom's level of greatness, etc., and for the sake of this survey, we'll assume Reed Richards is a given. "Worst" could mean least competent, easiest to hate, most unworthy of being considered a Doom foe; however you'd like to define it. Let us know your thoughts!

All this and more! Listen now! DOOM COMMANDS IT!!!

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