The Doctor Doom Cast, Episode 11: "You Pitiable Wretch!" (Astonishing Tales, Episodes 1-3)

The Doctor Doom Cast, Episode 11: "You Pitiable Wretch!" (Astonishing Tales, Episodes 1-3)

The Doctor Doom Cast is filmed before a live studio audience!

Those pesky Latverian rebels (or are they Latverian "rabble"?) can't stop the world's leading Doctor Doom-based podcast! In this episode we move over to the "Astonishing Tales" series, an otherwise fine collection, except that it takes away space that could have been given to Doom and instead gives that space to...Ka-Zar? (Sorry, all you Kaz-ar fans, but more Doom and less Ka-Zar, please!)

We cover Astonishing Tales #1, "Unto You Is Born...The Doomsman!", Astonishing Tales #2, "Revolution!", and Astonishing Tales #3, "Doom Must Die!" Along the way, we see Doom dealing with an uprising in Latveria, led by the largely ineffectual Rudolfo, whose plan involves trying to fool Doom with a Valeria look-alike (which, incidentally, looks nothing like the real Valeria). Rudolfo is backed up by the equally lackluster Faceless One (whose name is representative of his brand of generic villainy!)

We also discuss whether the great William Shatner could have played Rudolfo in a film version of this storyline, the great artwork of the fabulously named Wally Wood, the mysterious letterer extraordinaire Jean Izzo, the failed push of "The Master of Menace" as a nickname for Doom, and the question on everyone's mind: when robots bring an unconscious woman into your home, claiming that said woman looks like your lost love (even though she obviously doesn't), is your first and primary action to hook her up to a hypno-probe? (Bill says "Yes!")

All this and more! Listen now! DOOM COMMANDS IT!

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