Cori Wamsley ( is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. She is an author herself, as well as a writing coach and book editor, Cori knows what it’s like to go about writing your very first book. Additionally, she also knows how to construct a book that you can be proud of. Together, she and I talk about her background in being a writer, the kind of things you can expect to work on if she’s your book coach, and some of the best tips for the beginning. Let’s get started!


* What is it that Cori can do for business owners! Being able to help them write books in 3 months is certainly a start, and Cori explains why business owners should be able to write a book. On top of helping you with credibility, a book gives you a chance to say a lot about a topic that you’re an expert on. Additionally, this book can work as a lead magnet, bringing people back to what you do for business as well as giving them valuable information.

* Cori talks to me about why people should write a book, even if they work in a niche field of marketing. If you’re someone who specializes in a very specific field, you’re the perfect person to write a book! Let your personality shine through topics that you think will be dry and boring. Let people know what you’re all about, and let yourself be fun and informative! And remember that everyone’s experience is very difficult, so your book might not appeal to everyone. Don’t let that stop you!

* Cori talks to us about the prices when it comes to publishing a book. It doesn’t have to be expensive unless you want it to be, she explains, and you don’t need to hire a writing coach for the whole process either. Most importantly, you need to plan the book up front and put your money towards a good editor. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the cover of your book is done by a good graphic designer because people do judge a book by its cover.

* When it comes to editing, Cori explains the different kinds of editors that you can collaborate with. Sometimes, you just need a proofreader, which is the quickest version of an editor. The one Cori prefers, however, is a copyedit. They make sure that everything looks clean, sounds good, and they tighten up phrasing and unnecessary words to ensure you’ve got the best copy you can.

* Cori gives advice on how to get started on actually writing a book! Anyone who’s been in the business world is no stranger to writing, whether it be through a blog or through bullet points during meetings. Go through and see what you have. See what you can put in the book, and write around what you can’t. You need a topic, first and foremost, and after you have an outline, you can begin your book journey. Cori also mentions the importance of a good title and explains that often, they’ll come through random phrases that authors write offhand.

* Lastly, Cori talks to us about what a book coach does. When she coaches people, she gives them certain things that she expects to see back. Additionally, she reviews their materials for them before they’re handed over to an editor. She gives insight from a professional point of view and allows clients to adjust their writing with that mindset. It’s good for someone who’s never written a book before to get feedback in order to let them know if they’re on the right track, of it, you need to shake things up.

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