Amy Hart (, a former nurse of 25 years, has since started her own life coaching business. With 3 different certifications, Amy focuses on helping women in their lives who have lost their sense of peace and fulfillment. Through her courses and through sessions with Amy, she aims to help these women find what they want to do, and help them achieve the goals that they have yet to put into motion. Together, Amy and I talk about the struggle that businesses owners face, and what sort of things she can do to help people that may be in a similar position. Let’s get started!


* What causes chaos among business owners. Amy touches on the fact that starting your own business is very overwhelming, and that it takes all of your own energy, even when you’re not present at your place of work. It’s challenging to turn your brain off and focus on other areas of your life, and Amy works to help remind people of how important is it to focus on other things. It’s okay to be super busy! However, you need to keep your mindset in check, so you don’t experience that sensation of being incredibly overwhelmed.

* Amy reminds us that our thoughts create our reality. If you allow yourself to get overwhelmed and practice the idea that you’ll never be able to accomplish what you want, you’ll create that reality. If you change your thinking, and pivot towards something more positive that you can do, your mind will create this reality of peace and fulfillment. You’ll be doing what you want to do, and you’ll be doing it in a positive way.

* Amy gives us some of her best tips and pointers. We all have neural pathways in your brain (Amy enjoys calling them “freeways”) that have been created over the years of thinking. If you tell yourself that you won’t think about something and focus on positive thoughts, but you don’t practice that, you’ll never achieve it. Create things like a mantra, or a system that you can follow, to make sure you’re following through on these thoughts you’re creating.

* Speaking of mantras, Amy explains what a mantra can be. For most people, they assume that a mantra is something you say to yourself in the mirror over and over again or something you write down on a sticky note and place where you can see it every day. Amy, instead, explains that mantras can be anything you want them to be. Something simple that you can remind yourself of in any given situation where you might need it is a mantra.

* Amy explains the benefits of getting a life coach, explaining that coaching is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. It’s different from therapy, which focuses on your past and how that has affected you today. Coaching, she explains, is all about the forward movement, and creating and achieving what you want. There are tons of different coaches out there doing different things, and in the end, all they want to do is help people figure out what their goal is.

* Amy also explains the hesitance around getting a life coach, saying that there’s a lot of ignorance about what it is. It’s a vague thing that sounds very intangible, and it’s very expensive. However, the investment that you make is the buy-in that you need to see it through. Achieving your goal can be done with the help of a coach, and if you haven’t done it already on your own, it’s simply because you haven’t had the help of someone else to see past the barriers you’ve set down for yourself.

* Amy touches on the concept of peace and fulfillment, stating that everyone as a definition of what that means for their life. There are so many people trying to fill themselves with something that they haven’t been able to find before, and Amy points out that what women are searching for is often within them.

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