In this episode of ROIS Podcast we have returning guest Nick Ozog (Engineer at Ford) on to talk about the revolutionary reflection token EverGrow Coin (EGC), and the exciting updates we can expect to see roll out in 2022!  

We also go in depth discussing what a DAO is and why they are so important for the crypto community, as well as people and businesses heading into the future.  

Roy gives some extremely good advice on how his stock strategies look for the stock market, and why he has shifted his approach from short-term to long-term. Nick Ozog gives us very good incite into what the auto industry is looking at for 2022, and Ford's new completely electric truck!


00:00 - Beginning

01:20 - EverGrow Coin (EGC)'s buy back and burn mechanism for critically reducing supply and increasing price. 

01:50 - Digifinex listing will cause serious FOMO, and Digifinex is just the start.

04:55 - What has been rolled out from EverGrow Coin's roadmap so far? 

05:20 - Why has the EGC team delayed certain things on their roadmap?

06:00 - EGC partnerships with a smaller Metaverse company meaning more engagement

07:15 - The management style's and leadership for EverGrow Coin is key

08:10 - 2022 is the year of the DAO and passive income

09:35 - Why is EGC so much more special than other tokens that earn passive income?

11:00 - Why people will feel FOMO when EGC's phases are launched

11:50 - EverGrow Coin (EGC) wallet 

12:28 - Trust Wallet is how EverGrow Wallet will resemble

13:05 - Mixing a DAO with reflection tokens like EGC would be huge for passive income


14:30 - DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the future

15:00 - Why the rewards from a DAO implementing Hyper-Deflationary Tokens into their treasury is extremely more exciting that earning dividends (both old and younger generations)

16:35 - What makes a DAO so special? 

17:15 - Meerkat Millionaires (MMCC) is a prime example of how important communities are to the DAO. 

17:58 - What happened with Meerkat Millionaires after the founders left?

18:15 - What's the point of being apart of a DAO and why does the community matter so much?

18:55 - How does a DAO work?

20:41 - Ethereum (ETH) DAO's vs. Solana (SOL) DAO's

21:55 - What is Mango (MNGO) DAO and how is it able to be a DEX and DAO?

24:44 - Different types of DAOs

25:10 - How a DAO works

25:39 - Boryoku Dragonz NFT DAO

27:00 - Akumaverse the newer Boryoku Dragonz


28:10 - Start of Stock talk

30:00 - Roy's Stock Strategy for the stock market 

31:00 - Roy's strategic long-term strategy for companies and indexes he believes in using Dollar-Cost-Averaging

32:20 - Why Roy has changed his investing approach to a more long-term strategy

33:25 - How to handle the current market conditions

34:49 - Nick Ozog (Ford Engineer) breaks down the current auto industry

36:30 - Auto-industry is on the comeback going forward in 2022

37:35 - Ozog's Automotive Stock picks for 2022 

39:00 - Ozog is excited for the 1st electric pickup truck to enter full-scale production (he's working on it)


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