2023.09.25 – 0998 – The Diction-ary of Voice – T


Tag (or ‘slogan’) –the branding phrase at the end of a commercial

Take (as in ‘go for a take’)– a recording. Also see ‘pickup’

Take a level (or ‘take a bit for level’)– the instruction given by an audio engineer to a presenter to ask them to say some words so the volume on a mic channel can be checked

Talk back – the push-to-talk microphone in a gallery/production area, via which a director / producer will talk to you while in the studio.

Tape - recorded audio, almost never on tape

Tempo - the rate of speech

Thin – a voice which is weak, with a lack of air, energy and resonance. It may be trained to become stronger and fuller with exercises in the areas of posture, relaxation and breath control

Thoracic cavity - the area enclosed by the chest

Throw – a passing link made from one presenter to another, “And now with the latest weather here’s Susie Celsius”

Throwaway (as in ‘a throwaway line/word’)– when a speaker gives little or no emphasis on a word or phrase, reducing its significance

Tonal quality – the overall timb re, resonance of a voice

Trachea – commonly called the ‘windpipe’, along which flows air from mouth to lungs

Track – a layer of recorded audio (or an empty ‘lane’ where recorded audio will sit), which can be adjusted independently of other layers before being mixed (or merged) together in a final mix

Transients - very short sounds, such as the beginning of a drum hit

TX – used to mean ‘transmission’


Unidirectional microphone – one that only picks up sound from a single direction

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