The bench press is not only the world’s most popular barbell lift, it’s also a technical lift that many people will struggle with for years before figuring it out.

So, what are the most common bench press mistakes you should avoid to improve faster?

If you google ”common bench press mistakes”, you’ll find many articles trying to serve up one-size-fits-all solutions. Don’t flare your elbows! There’s one grip-width everyone should stick to! Leg drive is king! Don’t bend your wrists! Et cetera.

Don’t be discouraged.

Yes, the bench press might not be the most intuitive exercise. But your body will figure it out if you just learn the basics and then make sure to train it deliberately and continuously.

In this episode of The Strength Log, we’ll focus less on offering you the perfect technique cues – our experience tells us that they will differ on the individual level. Instead, we’ll look at the do's and don'ts that anyone can implement immediately, which will make a big difference for your bench press results in the long run.


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