Buddha Zhen begins reading his 1993 book: Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate by Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth.”

This book was written to dissuade people from joining Shaolin Chi Mantis. In 1996 when Buddha Zhen launched the nonprofit Tai Chi Youth he moved all of his students into this new school and told his students that anyone who wanted to join Shaolin Chi Mantis would have to join in a traditional Northern Shaolin Monastery method and ceremony including the Buddhist “Head Shaving.” This new requirement helped to weed out the less dedicated disciples who would not have progressed very far in this very intense and traditional curriculum. As of 2021 not one student has graduated the Shaolin Chi Mantis Intermediate Level which includes single saber, double saber, advanced staff and the huge “Long Fist Forms” of 1,000 AD, “Shaolin 6,” “Shaolin 7,” and “Shaolin 8.”

In the advanced Level SCM Disciples learn more Shaolin PLUS the Northern Praying Mantis forms and more weapons.

This Shaolin Chi Mantis Shaolin Kung Fu INITIATE book will seem very strange to Americans, but seem traditional or ancient to Chinese persons, since that’s what this is. Chinese Buddhist requirements of 1,000 years ago.

Enjoy this journey back 1,000 years to a place only 1 out of 100 students could master or graduate in today’s modern materialistic capitalist instant gratification world.

The SCM Beginner program cannot be learned in less than two years. Same with with Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Shaolin Chi Mantis. No other martial art I’ve encounter since 1980 has this much information, enlightenment or Kung Fu to learn.

Tai Chi Youth can be learned in two years and Buddha Kung Fu can be learned in five years. It’s possible I may be the founder of a martial arts system too difficult for any American to graduate from. 

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