Artists Rising

Artists Rising

"The opposite of depression is EXPRESSION" - Dr. Edith Eger

ARTISTS RISING is about RISING UP through the discovery and re-discovery of our creativity. It is about healing and transformation through the cultivation of creativity and through creating thoughts and emotions that will be the canvas, the foundation...of our masterpiece, our best life. I believe everyone is creative, we are born that way, but we forget, and we conform and get covered up. Creativity is a recovery process. It’s the road home we are all searching for. Stepping into the flow of creativity is stepping into healing, and it’s stepping into an encounter with the most sacred version of your truest self… it’s connecting with the divine and most powerful life force that exists.

Created with community, storytelling and wholehearted artistic development in mind, singer-songwriter (and recovering classical musician) JennyRebecca Ronning, sits down with people who inspire her and teaches on topics she wished she would have known more about as a younger artist - specifically things we don't tend to learn in art schools and music conservatories like mental and emotional health, how to cultivate creativity and how to invite people along on your creative journey and turn your passion into a business or a community, if that is what you desire.

No matter what stage of life you are in - whether you are a seasoned artist or just beginning to tap into your creativity - we all need reminding about how to step into that to realize that place as our home, and how to navigate the blocks and resistance that try to keep us disconnected. Welcome to ARTISTS RISING CO!

Follow @artistsrisingco on instagram and facebook for more inspo and a community built to encourage and empower you to go forward pursuing your creative dreams with more confidence, resilience, and freedom to show up and do what we, as artists, do best - BE VULNERABLE, day after day! Let's do this!

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