This podcast is with someone I'm blessed to call my friend: Thom Brodeur. He's a self-made man, he's a caregiver, he's an entrepreneur who has risen to the ranks of corporate CEO and now is head of his own beauty and fashion empire. He is both "Beauty Boss" and "Mister Congeniality" and he is a prime example of someone who has always gotten it done and taken care of everyone else in the process, except himself. In this episode, you'll hear from Thom about his trials and triumphs and how one person who is and always has been "the strongest among us" finally reached his breaking point of madness and how he's learning to find the magic within.

As Thom shared his biggest lesson:

"While you are loving through your life -- the work that you do, the people that you're with, the experiences that you're privileged to have -- don't forget yourself in the process. I spent a lifetime of loving and caring for other people, places and things to my own detriment. I'm finally awake and recognize that there is a reason why on an airplane they ask you to secure your own oxygen mask first, 'cause you're really a worthless pile to the little kid next to you, the old lady next to you or the able-bodied person next to you, if you're not breathing oxygen yourself. So don't forget yourself. Don't lose yourself in the will to achieve. Don't lose yourself in the want to be the best husband, wife, brothers, sisters, son, daughter, father, mother. Don't forget who you are. And don't forget to take some time to appreciate that. Don't forget to take time to ask other people to help you do better when you need it. You'll be more worthwhile and more valuable to anybody else or anything else that you apply yourself to. And that's been a huge lesson. I know it sounds so cliche and we always say it, but I'm living it now."

This is such a powerful episode, full of wisdom about failure and resiliency and selfcare. I hope it speaks to you and helps you find the magic within whatever madness you're in at the moment.


A storyteller at heart who built a career in writing, media & marketing, Paolina Milana is grateful for the magic AND the madness she's experienced. Her roots are entangled with mental illness and taking on caregiving roles -- something she has come to realize is not unique to her; rather, it seems to be common on several levels among others, especially the high-functioning women who from the outside looking in seem to have it all together.

Madness To Magic brings to listeners stories of real world encounters with what we all experience and yet feel shamed to keep silent. Embracing ALL of us is key to tapping into our own power to make all things possible.

Special thanks to the creators of the beautiful instrumental you hear during this podcast - Philippa Dowding & Allister Thompson - Original song “Sarah Tiptoes” from their album BIRCHES. Also love to the guy who's the master behind this podcast's production and audio engineering -- Joseph Dean Edwards.

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