One of hardest quotes I’ve ever heard and processed is, “You are where you are because of the knowledge you currently possess.” You have the knowledge that put you in the place where you are today. No more and no less. And if you want to go someplace different, you better figure out how to solve that problem.

The decision to take action is one of the biggest factors holding people back from becoming what they might yet be. And it’s because of previous experiences. They’re scared of failing again, of reopening wounds. The ability to look past the fear, to assess the risk vs the reward and drive a wedge between who you are today and who you need to become--well, that’s rare.

Which is why I was excited to talk to Drew Girton about his personal journey. Owner of CrossFit Pendulum in sunny Pasadena, California, Drew is currently working his way through our Factory Forged program to great early success. I spoke with him about his past and present experience within the business of fitness, and we even had a chance to look ahead to what the future looks like.

Like so many of the gym owners who find Factory Forged, Drew was looking to break through that glass ceiling that was holding him back from making a living that also afforded him and his wife financial freedom. Their goals included what every family strives for… They wanted to buy a house, to provide for their family, to live comfortable and spend time with the business but without being a slave to the time clock. The couple had 28 combined years of fitness industry experience, focus and knowledge of process and procedure in spades, but the business wasn’t growing at the rate Drew wanted it to be.

He found one of my videos explaining who we created the Factory Forged methodology for and realized--I was talking to him. So Drew took the plunge. Along the way, he’s learned:

How to be financially sound

How to make an impact

How to attain the freedom to do what he loves

We dig in on a range of topics in this conversation--from PR’ing revenue month over month to feeling empowered to charge what his business’s services are worth to how to create raving fans who never want to leave, it’s all in here. But my favorite part of the conversation might be when I ask Drew to tell me something he’s learned from working with my team that has nothing to do with money. I’ll let you hear the answer for yourself.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. I know I greatly appreciate Drew taking the time to share his journey with me.

Want to learn more about Factory Forged?

Think you’ve got the right stuff to be a Factory Forged client? Ready to learn how to attract the right clients, charge what you’re really worth, and learn who your dream members are and how to retain them? You’re one breakthrough call away from finding out. So, as Drew puts it, quit making excuses--take the leap!

To learn more about Factory Forged, you can see a tutorial video here, you can schedule an appointment with us here or you can email me at [email protected]

Here's what we cover:

1. Who your dream clients are.

2. How to attract those dream clients.

3. How to retain them and create lifelong raving fans.

4. What you’re really offering (it’s not a great workout!).

5. How to make your business financially sound.

6. How to make an impact.

7. How to attain the freedom to do what you love, both in business and in your personal life.

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