Jughead, Charles and Betty watch the tape that Cheryl received which shows her father shooting her brother.  Charles suggests going through the rest of the tapes but Betty passes because she has to finish the yearbook.

When Betty arrives at Principal Honey’s office where he tells her that the yearbook won’t be published this year because she is two days late in delivering the yearbook and he won’t have time to approve it.

Betty breaks the news to the rest of the gang and suggests they should kill him.  Everyone gets in on the joke adding details.  Jughead is inspired to use the idea as the basis of a story he has to write to get acceptance to attend the University of Iowa.

Reggie says that they should all pull a prank on Honey that will be talked about for years.  The next day when Honey arrives in his office he sits down in chair and is stuck to it.  His phone has also been covered in glue as well and he needs the fire department to take him away to get him unstuck.

Honey then announces that unless the people behind the prank step forward Prom will be cancelled.  Betty researches Honey and finds out that he has cancelled prom at every school he’s worked at.  The solution here?  Get everyone’s parents to come to the school and convince Honey to let prom continue.  The parents are successful and prom is back on until Honey calls Charles, Jughead and Betty to his office to show them a videotape left at the school.  The tape shows someone recording the empty halls of Riverdale.  Honey says that this could be the work of whoever is making the video tapes and to keep the students safe prom must be cancelled.

Smelling something fishy, Betty and Jughead watch the tape later and Betty sees a couple frames that show Honey in a reflection and that he is the one that made the tape.

Honey is fired from Riverdale high but he tells Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and the rest of the gang that he figured something like this would happen and he already has been hired at Stonewall Prep who have cleaned house after everything that happened with Jughead.  While they gang basks in their success, the Principals assistant, Ms. Bell, tells the students how much Honey did to help the school and the students.

During these events, Jughead has been writing his story which has the gang kidnapping Honey, taking him up to a cabin, maple boarding him and trying to get him to leave town.  When Honey refuses they all step out of the cabin to figure out then next move.  When Veronica and Archie return they find Honey dead.  The gang buries the body and tries to continue on with life.  Reggie starts to crack from guilt and almost tells a couple members of the football team.   The rest of the gang cut Reggie’s brakes on his car and he is killed in a crash.  The story is escalating as people begin to turn on each other to make sure the secrets remains hidden.

Jughead was enjoying writing this story until Ms. Ball gives him a letter that Honey wanted her to mail to the University of Iowa.  After Jughead reads it he realizes that he has become sucked into the darker elements of Riverdale and doesn’t want to be like that so he changes his story to Honey living and the gang dealing with the consequences of their actions.

Jelly Bean brings Jughead and Betty a video tape that was left at the front door.  Jughead and Betty watch the tape and see a recreation of Jughead’s story where the gang stand around a tied up Honey and stab him to death.

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