Employer - Recruitment Business Branding - Need To Know

Hi The Laptop Recruiter™ Recruitment / Search agencies who are doing under $5M, this video is for you.

What does Employer Branding mean?

You’re going to clients, you’re going to candidates and you obviously don’t get the result you want right now. So, you are looking for a reason why.

Employer Branding or your branding as a Recruitment / Search business is one of the reasons you will come up with and part of that is because of the way Recruitment / Search has developed over the last decade.

We are in a different world now when we talk about branding it is not the same as decades ago.

The actual branding element will be literally a sanity check:

1. On your website

2. On your LinkedIn profile

3. How well known you are in this industry

4. Do you cover my location?

5. Do you cover my role?

6. Do you help people like me?

7. Do you deliver the candidates that I want?

8. Have you got experience in that area?

9. Have you got the system that every other business has?

When we talk about employer branding don’t focus on logos and don’t focus on making your website sexy.

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Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter™

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