On the season 5 finale of Better Call Saul.... A.... LOT... HAPPENED. Jimmy tells Kim that he doesn't think he is "good for her", but Kim thinks otherwise. After Lalo drives away, Jimmy and Kim go to a hotel because they do not feel safe at the apartment. The next morning Kim decides to go to work against Jimmy's discretion. Kim wants to work on all of the hardest cases and gets access to the backlog file room of cases. She fills a box with case files and goes to the elevator and runs into Howard Hamlin. Howard introduces Kim to the people he is with and learns that she has left Mesa Verde. Howard follows Kim and shares with her the horrible things Jimmy has been doing to him these past couple of weeks. Kim takes the news with laughter and is insulted by Howard's "attempt" at digging at Jimmy. Kim goes straight home to find a solemn Jimmy. Earlier, while Kim was at work, Jimmy went to visit Mike to get answers. Mike calms Jimmy down and informs him that Lalo is going to be killed tonight. Jimmy exhales and heads home. Once Kim and Jimmy meet at the hotel Jimmy is ashamed of any danger he put Kim in, but Kim tells him about the encounter with Howard and she starts playfully plotting terrible things to do to Howard! Jimmy plays along and Kim raises the bar to something unforgivable and alludes to threatening Howard with misconduct. Ironically, Jimmy is surprised by this and tries to talk Kim out of this but she appears to be all in.

Meanwhile, Nacho has driven Lalo to Mexico where we meet Lalo's family. Nacho is in really deep and is very uncomfortable. There's little to no cell signal and Nacho checks his phone every chance we get. At a very familiar swimming pool, Nacho meets Don Eladeo and they talk business. It goes well. That night Nacho is informed from an unknown number that there will be an extraction team at 3AM invading the compound to eliminate Lalo. Nacho heads out but meets Lalo at a campfire and have a drink. Nacho realizes that this ishis only chance, so he goes back inside and starts a small fire in the kitchen. He goes back out and Lalo notices the smoke - drawing Lalo away. Nacho opens the back gate and the extraction team enters guns and all. A shootout ensues and Lalo miraculously survives but his entire family has been killed. The season ends with an enraged Lalo running off the compound having killed all of the assassins.

This Aftershow was hosted by Ryan Nilsen, Sean McHugh, Loren Kling, and Gabrielle Castinia with SPECIAL GUEST: Patrick Fabian!

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