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How To Discover Your True Purpose In Life By Raising Your Energy Frequency – Shanna Lee (Ep. 280)

Shanna Lee, intuitive coach and bestselling author of The Soul Frequency, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Shanna talks about raising your soul’s frequency to improve all aspects of your life. She talks about her special psychic gift of reading people and of understanding their energy and frequency misalignments and how she helps them fix these overlooked but crucial areas. Shanna also talks about raising your energy, fixing faulty subconscious programming, and finding your purpose by discovering who you really are. If you’re wondering how to raise your frequency and discover your true purpose in life, check this episode out now!      

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In our episode we go over:

  • Shanna’s background being in business but also combing her psychic abilities into the mix
  • What the soul frequency is and how to correct a dissonance within it
  • How our souls become misaligned over the years and over our lifetimes
  • How Shanna Lee’s gift actually works and how she dials into someone’s energy
  • The fact that everything has a frequency and energy behind it
  • The many dimensions that exist and the fact that we are alive in so many different levels of existence
  • Tapping into higher states of consciousness and dimensions to clear out your problems and energy in this current reality
  • The importance of bringing yourself into the moment and grounding your energy
  • Opening up your channels for new ideas and innovation
  • Clearing out your energy and that of others who have sapped your energy
  • The power of sound and resonance and its benefits for clearing out negative energy
  • Being open to different experiences and going down different paths in life that you may not have before
  • Where your purpose comes from and how to connect to it
  • The inner work that leads to clearing out the soup covering the purpose we have inside all of us
  • Fixing your emotional problems and healing our emotional selves
  • The subconscious programming that occurs to us throughout life
  • The fact that much of our programming comes within the first 7 years of life and how to rewire and reprogram our subconscious minds
  • The modalities for healing a faulty program within your energy system
  • Past lives and how these can affect your current life and reality today
  • The soul’s purpose and what life is really about
  • Using our powers to help humanity and to help the world
  • The most important question to ask yourself when it comes to finding your purpose
  • Why purpose is really a by-product of self-discovery and self-growth

Check out Shanna on:

Website:  thesoulfrequency.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/thesoulfrequency

Book: amazon.com/Soul-Frequency-Healthy-Awakened-Authentic


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