After 12 years of of Star Wars: The Clone Wars we are finally witnessing the start of "The Siege of Mandalore"! This episode opens unlike any other episode of the series with "A Lucas Limited Production" slate. Then... the John Williams main title movie theme plays with a new red clone wars logo popping up on screen and shrinking into the deep darkness of space and the small screen. One adjective comes to mind when describing this opening: "Glorious". The recap commences and we learn where all the Jedi are. The council has sent multiple Jedi across the galaxy to fight separatist forces. We even get a brief shot of a young Padawan Kanan with his master Depa Billaba over hologram. 

We cut to the planet of Yurana where a battle between the 501st and droid army is stuck on a bridge. A droid rocket is fired and about to annihilate Commander Cody, until a gorgeous blue blade deflects the rocket and we see none other than Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi takes cover, struggling to think of a way to advance their forces. Enter Anakin Skywalker, pouring with Jedi swagger- dodging blaster fire left and right like they are high school dodgeballs. Anakin has a plan and fakes a surrender to draw the droid leader out. Once the leader reveals himself Anakin force pulls him and beheads the clank-er! Then Captain Rex and a battalion of jetpack clones surface from underneath the bridge to finish the droids off! The battle has seemingly been won and the Jedi receive an incoming transmission from the clone star destroyer. Anakin and Obi-Wan fly to the ship and find Ahsoka Tano and Bokatan over hologram. -A reunion that fans have waited six years for!- Ahsoka and Bokatan reveal they know where Darth Maul is and ask for the Republic's assistance in "taking him out". They set a course for Anakin/Obi Wan's star destroyer and the reunion occurs once again BUT IN PERSON, but there's no time to catch up. Every moment that passes is another moment Maul could slip out of their grasp! Bokatan requests Republic support, but Obi Wan says he needs permission from the council. There isn't enough time. While Obi Wan goes to speak with the council Anakin and Ahsoka talk. Every clone that passes salutes Ahsoka as "commander" even though technically she is no longer a commander. 

Anakin leads Ahsoka into Captain Rex's clone barracks and every trooper has painted their helmet to match Ahsoka's Orange/White facial look. Obi Wan returns and reveals the General Grievous has invaded Courescant to kidnap the Chancellor. He grants Ahsoka and Bokatan the fleet but makes Rex the commander. Anakin gives Ahsoka two lightsabers and they exchange what could be their final interaction with each other until..... well that's another story for another time... Bokatan, Ahsoka, Rex and their clone fleet invade Mandalore and the Siege begins! Bokatan takes the throne room while Ahsoka searches for Maul. Bokatan learns "IT'S A TRAP" and Maul wanted to draw the Jedi to Mandalore... but the wrong Jedi came. Ahsoka searches the sewers of Mandalore for Maul only to have her surrounding troop quickly killed (like in a horror movie), and she is surrounded by Mandalorians draped in Maul red armor. 

The episode ends with the Sith lord revealing himself to Ahsoka saying, "I was hoping for Kenobi, why are you here?" TO BE CONTINUED.

This Aftershow was hosted by Ryan Nilsen and Rachel Goodman.

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