The Pickup Artist | Video Podcasts

The Pickup Artist | Video Podcasts

Bert Oliva's Power Quotes about pickup lines are short, humorous videos that give viewing audiences the inspiration they need in order to break the ice and start up a conversation with others.

Bert is CEO/Founder of BOWAworld, a training and development organization that includes seminars, professional coaching, keynotes, and corporate trainings. Some of his clients have included: HBO, Perry Ellis, HP, Marriott IVC, Trump Network and many more. By studying four dimensional concepts, physical, emotional, logical, and spiritual, Bert has been able to develop his basic and fundamental teaching programs into what is today known as HUMANOLOGY, the scientific study of Human Potential.

Bert is one of the premiere resources for sales and business leadership. Known for his success as a corporate coach, sales visionary, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Bert brings real-world advice, carefully researched facts, memorable humor and powerful stories to the platform in order to shake up, wake up and motivate audiences in ways that produce lasting results.

Bert speaks from a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experience. Drawing on his own experiences and continuous research, Bert offers a wealth of insight into setting yourself apart or creating the right impact anywhere you go. He offers strategies to motivate you to action and improve your performance, relationships, and ability to think in new and creative ways. Bert now assists private sector organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit groups in achieving their goals of increased productivity and maximized profits, inspiring them to set new standards and break records.

He has a long history of marketing & branding through his agency the Altius Group, an award winning and top marketing and advertising firm in South Florida. He was recognized as an authority in business strategy and is called upon by both corporate companies and government organizations alike. Bert understands the factors of creating a successful brand, product awareness and the steps for a successful business plan.

Leaders and achievers already at there peak of success in their fields of expertise call upon Bert to be their strategic adviser and business coach. Bert knows how to deal with and consult when faced critical decisions requiring creative options and a systematic evaluations of project deliverables.

Bert is well known for his “Breakthroughs.” Breakthroughs are feats such as walking barefoot on glass, eating fire, bending steel rebar with the throat and even lying on a bed of nails. Without guidance and focus, all can be dangerous, but in the seminars they are metaphors for the other challenges life can present. It is by not backing down from the heat, facing the discomfort and not succumbing to the pressure one feels during a Breakthrough that one develops a new outlook of what is possible in one’s life and strive for one’s full potential.

Bert’s passion for people is obvious and infectious. Bert will charm his audiences and make them laugh, while they learn how to live the quality of life they dream about.

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