Two weeks ago, I told you that the US government had just published its annual financial report.

The government by its own admission lost $4.1 TRILLION in FY 2022. And this is 34% worse than the the previous year’s $3.1 trillion loss.

And the rest of the financial report only gets worse from there...

They describe Social Security’s extreme insolvency, projecting total unfunded liabilities of the program to be $76 trillion.

And they forecast that US government debt will one day reach 566% of GDP.

I’ve written about this extensively over the years, because history tells us that the consequences of this type of financial mismanagement are severe.

This is not the first time that a country has had a lot of debt, nor the first time incompetent leadership has consistently failed to recognize and solve big problems.

So in today’s podcast episode we go back in time thousands of years to heed the lessons of one of history’s biggest scumbag rulers.

Unsurprisingly, he raised taxes, debased the currency, violated the rule of law, confiscated property, eliminated dissent, vastly expanded the government, and created all sorts of idiotic and destructive laws.

BUT, this is fixable.

And today we actually discuss some common sense ideas to demonstrate how easy it should be, at least conceptually, to take giant leaps in the right direction once again.

Unfortunately, the people in charge seem to have zero interest in doing any of that.

So I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for politicians and bureaucrats to ride to the rescue.

But at the same time, as I often point out, this is not a bad news story.

The world is not coming to an end.

In fact, I believe the world is still full of abundant and incredible opportunities, despite the trajectory of its largest superpower.

And we close this episode with the core central message of this organization: we have control over our own lives.

Regardless of what they do or how badly they screw up, you do not have to go down with a sinking ship. You have the power to solve these problems for yourself.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.

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Today we're going to go back in time to the 26 September in the year 480 BC to a very critical island in the Mediterranean. Now, if you know your history, you might be thinking, I know what he's going to talk about, because 480 is a very famous year. 40 BC is a year where Greece, which I'm going to do Greece and air quotes for right now. I'll explain why in a moment. Greece and Persia, they're at war with each other in a in a war that historians is often described as this epic battle between eastern civilization and western civilization.



If Greece loses against Persia, there is no Socrates, there is no Plato, there is no Western civilization. So it's a really important year. 480 BC was the famous battle of thermopole 300 Spartans fending off the Persian. There are other people there as well. There's 700 Thespians and some others as well.



But this very small number of people in this, like the battle of the Alamo, fighting off the whole army so that everybody else can live and regroup and defeat the Persians, this is followed by the Battle of Salamis, this famous naval battle. Salamis was a very important island in the Med...

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