Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio is hosted by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein and is dedicated to covering the stories that the mainstream, corporate media ignores.

It's like Democracy Now but with much more swearing.

They have interviewed such distinct intellectuals, bands, and comics such as Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, Tariq Ali, Howard Zinn, Matt Taibbi, Rise Against, System of a Down, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Jeremy Scahill, Robin Williams, Matt Besser, Janeane Garofalo, and more.

“Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny have created an important political radio show that balances humor and unreported news. At a time when media conglomerates dominate the airwaves, independent media like Citizen Radio is vital to national discourse”

- Noam Chomsky

"Allison Kilkenny strikes fear into the hearts of corrupt politicians and corporations everywhere"

-Village Voice

“Jamie Kilstein is amazing and I will be spreading the word. He has the spark that energized my conscience. We need more comedians kicking it hard the way he does every night” – Robin Williams

"Allison and Jamie are a modern day social justice, non-violent, vegan, punk, anti-war, feminist Bonnie and Clyde. Their weapons are simple: the pen, the airwaves, and a searing sense of humor. Their targets are the rich, the powerful, corporate media barons and basically any major league assholes."

-Jeremy Scahill

"Kilkenny is one of the top 30 media heroes in the country"

-The Nation

“Jamie reminds me of why I got into comedy. It’s like watching a combination of George Carlin and Bill Hicks ”

- Janeane Garofalo

"Allison Kilkenny is this generation’s Amy Goodman”

-Melissa Harris-Perry.

“Allison Kilkenny’s writing makes me want to vomit”

- G. Gordon Liddy, Convicted Watergate criminal

“Jamie Kilstein is a doofus.” –Glenn Beck

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