In this episode, hosts Ryan and Michael delve into the intricate world of social executive functioning skills in children with ADHD. They explore the difference between social skills and social executive function skills, highlighting the challenges faced by kids with ADHD in social interactions. With a focus on perspective taking and cognitive flexibility, the hosts provide insights into how parents can support their children in navigating social situations. Tune in to discover the crucial role of front-loading information and the impact of social relationships on long-term success.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:01:22 Social executive function skills.

00:03:27 Differences between ADHD and autism.

00:07:15 Disorder of self-awareness in ADHD.

00:10:41 Difficulty with perspective taking.

00:15:01 Social challenges in ADHD.

00:18:38 Social executive functioning challenges.

00:22:19 Social executive function challenges.

00:24:18 Social impact of ADHD behaviors.

00:26:14 Male youth development.

00:29:19 Social relationships and success.

00:34:17 Teaching social perspective taking.

00:36:26 The ADHD parent.

00:40:22 Front loading for social skills.

00:43:26 Pushing kids out of comfort zones.

00:45:26 Parenting through discomfort and anxiety.

00:50:00 Social dangers of Discord.

00:50:48 Social executive functioning groups.

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