In the season finale of The grftf Podcast, host Misha da Vinci reflects on her insightful discussions with a diverse set of guests including brilliant authors, genius technologists, neuroscientists, policy experts and other leading thinkers. This episode provides a recap of the most impactful moments, covering a wide range of topics from neurotechnology, the evolution of AI, the ethics of big tech, AI policy, and privacy rights, to dark matter and the multiverse, and much more. Misha's journey from a human potential coach to a tech thinker and influencer highlights the crucial relationship between humans and technology in shaping the future. The episode emphasizes the importance of understanding and mastering our relationship with technology, aiming to make technology our servant, not our master. As the season concludes, Misha teases the next season's focus on solutions to current technological and societal problems and the potential of neuroscience in personal development.


00:00 Season Finale: Reflecting on a Journey of Discovery

01:09 Embracing Technology: The New Frontier of Human Potential

01:34 The grftf Podcast: A Beacon for the Future

02:06 Exploring the Neural Interface: The Future of Interaction with Nita Farahany

04:38 The Plurality of Futures: A Conversation with Tracey Follows

05:49 Containing Big Tech: Insights from Tom Kemp

08:19 The Allure of the Multiverse: A Dive into Physics with Paul Halpern

11:02 AI's Trajectory and Big Tech's Dominance: A Discussion with Amba Kak

14:22 Demanding Privacy Accountability: Daniel Solove's Perspective

19:43 The Optimistic Future: Rohit Bhargava's Vision

21:32 The Cognitive Age: John Nosta on AI and Human Thought

23:35 Smart Cities: Balancing Technology and Humanity with John Lorinc

25:48 Dr. Jennifer Sciubba on Demography in the 21st century, Preparing for an Aging Society & Workforce Resilience

28:00 The Impact of VR on Cultural Appreciation and Empathy with Alvin Wang Graylin

30:00 Navigating the Data-Driven World with Wendy Wong

32:19 The Rise of AI in the Workplace: An Investigative Look with Hilke Schellmann

35:34 Meditation and Creativity with Will Cady

41:56 The Neuroscience of You with Chantel Prat

44:46 Innovative Education with Ana Lorena Fabrega

46:03 Techno-Social Engineering and the Future with Brett Frischmann

48:26 Season Recap and Looking Ahead to Season Two 


Misha da Vinci is a futurologist and founder of grftf, a tech & media brand that is focused on preparing humanity for the future.

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