Welcome to this week’s Strictly Money Weekly Insights, where we dive deep into the most pressing financial questions of our time. 

Have you ever wondered how much money you'll need in retirement? If you guessed that this is the number one question on everyone's mind, you're absolutely right. 

Join me, Saij, as I unravel the mysteries of retirement savings and financial planning.

There are  many considerations that go into determining your retirement nest egg. From lifestyle expectations to healthcare costs and inflation, and so much more. 

But there's one almost certain way to gauge your retirement needs accurately. I’ll tell you what that is. 

And for those of you who feel like you're lagging behind on your retirement savings journey, I share three tips to help you catch up and secure your financial future. 

Tune in weekly for insights that will empower you to make smarter money decisions, only on Strictly Money.


Key moments:

00:00 Retirement savings depend on individual circumstances.

01:03 Planning for retirement involves various scenarios.

02:05 Early investment is crucial for retirement wealth.

03:06 Tax shelters optimize retirement savings growth.

04:07 Extra income can enhance retirement readiness.


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