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Title: The Evolving Landscape of Veterinary Medicine W/ Vetlen President Dr. Stephanie Morley Eps. 22


In this episode of Veterinary Vibes, we explore the core principles of veterinary medicine with Dr. Stephanie Morley. Dr. Morley shares insights on navigating passion, burnout, mental health, and the evolving landscape of the veterinary field.

Trusting Your Gut and Pursuing Happiness:

Dr. Morley emphasizes the importance of veterinarians trusting their instincts and prioritizing their happiness within the profession. Passion, she explains, is not just a feeling but a guiding force that can lead to fulfillment in veterinary medicine.

Addressing Burnout:

Drawing from her own experiences, Dr. Morley discusses the prevalence of burnout in the veterinary field, particularly in light of the financial strains associated with education costs. She highlights the need for proactive measures to combat burnout and promote mental well-being.

Normalization of Mental Health Care:

Reflecting on shifting societal attitudes, Dr. Morley explores the growing acceptance and normalization of mental health care, especially among newer generations. She advocates for the benefits of therapy and the importance of setting boundaries to prioritize personal values.

Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine:

Dr. Morley shares insights on the significance of diversity in the workplace, particularly in leadership roles. She underscores the value of diverse perspectives in problem-solving and innovation within the field.

Business and Veterinary Medicine:

Discussing the intersection of business and veterinary medicine, Dr. Morley emphasizes the potential for mutual success when approached with integrity. She challenges traditional mindsets surrounding profitability and advocates for recognizing the value of veterinary services.

Navigating Career Opportunities:

Dr. Morley offers practical advice on navigating career opportunities in veterinary medicine, including negotiating non-compete agreements and leveraging one's worth within the profession. She emphasizes intentionality and translational skills across various aspects of veterinary practice.

Innovation in Biotech:

Highlighting advancements in biotech, Dr. Morley discusses the role of companies like Vetlen Advanced Veterinary Devices in enhancing veterinary care and expanding the reach of innovation within the field.


As the conversation draws to a close, Dr. Morley leaves listeners with a renewed perspective on the intersection of passion, business, and well-being within the veterinary profession. Her insights serve as a guiding light for veterinarians navigating the complexities of their careers.

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