Welcome to another enlightening episode of Veterinary Vibes! Today, we're privileged to have Dr. Courtney Deer join us to discuss her experiences as an Emergency Veterinarian and the nuances of providing specialized care in fast-paced environments.

Key Discussion Points:

Tailoring Care to Each Client and Patient:

Dr. Deer emphasizes the importance of adapting veterinary care to meet the individual needs of both clients and patients, highlighting the significance of empathy and customization in practice.

The Value of Internships in Veterinary Medicine:

Drawing from her personal journey, Dr. Deer shares insights into the benefits of pursuing internships post-veterinary school, providing valuable advice for those considering this career path.

Proactive Problem-Solving in Veterinary Clinics:

Dr. Deer discusses the structural challenges often encountered in veterinary clinics and advocates for a proactive approach to problem-solving, emphasizing the importance of collaborative solutions.

Effective Communication Strategies:

Addressing a common hurdle in veterinary practice, Dr. Deer offers strategies for clear communication with clients, emphasizing the need for empathy and avoiding judgment in patient care discussions.

Optimizing Record-Keeping with Templates:

Dr. Deer shares practical tips for utilizing templates to streamline record-keeping and improve time management, enhancing efficiency while reducing the risk of errors.

Strategies for Reducing Medical Errors:

Offering valuable insights, Dr. Deer discusses techniques for minimizing medical errors in ER settings through efficacy and fail-safe practices, ensuring the highest standard of care for patients.

Navigating the Decision to Pursue an Internship:

Dr. Deer provides guidance on evaluating the suitability of internships for individual career paths, helping listeners make informed decisions about their professional development.

Understanding the Economics of Veterinary Medicine:

Delving into the cost considerations of veterinary care, Dr. Deer emphasizes the importance of transparent communication with clients regarding diagnostic choices and treatment options, highlighting the value proposition behind veterinary services.

Having Difficult Conversations with Clients:

Dr. Deer offers advice on navigating challenging discussions about finances with clients, providing tips for articulating estimates effectively and fostering compliance with treatment plans.

Entering the Field of Emergency Veterinary Medicine:

Dr. Deer shares insights into entering the ER veterinary field and offers valuable advice for aspiring professionals, highlighting key considerations and potential challenges.

Celebrating Success in Veterinary Practice:

Concluding on a positive note, Dr. Deer encourages veterinarians to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize their expertise in the field, reminding listeners of their value and qualifications.


As we wrap up our conversation with Dr. Courtney Deer, we're reminded of the resilience and dedication required in veterinary medicine. Her insights offer invaluable guidance for both aspiring and practicing veterinarians, emphasizing the importance of compassion, communication, and continuous learning in providing exceptional patient care.


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