Welcome to Episode 10 of The Salim Ismail Podcast, where I had the pleasure of engaging in a fascinating conversation with VESA, a multidisciplinary artist, explorer of consciousness, and speaker. In this episode, we delve into VESA's incredible journey in art, spirituality, and personal transformation.From his early years as a rebellious teenager to overcoming a life-altering health crisis, VESAshares how he navigated the challenges and crossroads in his life. We explored the profound impact that psychedelics had on his understanding of self, his connection to the world around him, and his artistic expression.Drawing on the themes of Star Trek and Star Wars, VESAand I discussed the concepts of growth, consolidation, and the importance of the spiritual aspect as a driving force behind human progress. We touched upon the role of capitalism and its consequences on the quality of life, as well as the fundamental quest for growth as a means of self-expression.VESAalso shared his experiences with various psychedelics and how they connected him to a deeper understanding of reality and our place within it. From the healing power of magic mushrooms to the fascinating encounters with machine elves during DMT experiences, VESA's insights left me pondering the nature of existence and the transformative potential of these mind-altering substances.Join me in this enlightening episode as we journey with VESAthrough the realms of art, spirituality, and transformation, and discover how these elements intertwine to create a richer understanding of the human experience. Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation on The Salim Ismail Podcast!https://openexo.com/book Don't forget to use the code EXOPASS to get one free month on openexo.com so you can read my new living book.

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