What factors should you consider regarding the process?

This episode offers insightful guidance for podcast creators aiming to submit their work for awards, drawing on my experience as both a judge and an award-winning Podcast Marketer.

The 10 tips cover a range of topics crucial for a successful award submission, including aligning the podcast's purpose with the award's criteria, thorough research on past winners, understanding the competition, and leveraging personal and podcast achievements.

Learn about the importance of crafting a compelling pitch, utilizing resources like AI for editing, and ensuring all submission materials are well-organized and clear. Additionally, good storytelling and the impact of winning awards on a podcast's reputation are discussed, stressing that powerful storytelling can override production limitations. Learn from my personal experiences and insights, including being one of the winners of the American Marketing Association Marketing Maverick Award (DFW Chapter).


  • 00:00 Unlocking the Secrets to Award-Winning Podcasts
  • 01:02 Diving Deep: Crafting the Perfect Pitch
  • 03:52 Leveraging Your Unique Angle for Success
  • 06:55 Harnessing AI and Community Insights for Your Pitch
  • 10:01 Submission Strategies: Ensuring Your Podcast Stands Out
  • 21:18 The Power of Storytelling in Podcasting

23:32 Final Thoughts and How to Get Further HelpResources mentioned in this episode:

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