An hour-plus with a master storyteller, forensic accountant, investor, and a good friend.

Jeff is such a terrific guy. He has that voice and storytelling gift that keeps you hooked for hours because every minute, you feel like he is letting you in on the biggest secret, and he really is. I had to have him here on TB, and he kindly said yes. He is a fellow investor, VALUEx’er, forensic accountant, and good friend.

Jeff Gilbert, CPA is an Executive Director of Investigations where he specializes in forensic auditing. Drawing upon personal experience and using real-life case studies, he teaches at the Asper School of Business and with the Chartered Professional Accountants program. Jeff also mentors entrepreneurs and provides strategic advice to assist them in achieving their goals. He manages his own investment portfolio with a mix of public companies and private investments. A strong believer in lifelong learning, he is an avid reader and has numerous interests, including value investing and understanding various philosophies, strategies, and mental models.

In this conversation, we discuss Jeff's childhood upbringing and the influence of his grandfather's wisdom. Jeff shares his journey of discovering and developing his own investment style, emphasizing the importance of curiosity and continuous learning. We also highlight the role of accounting in investing and the need to understand financial shenanigans. Jeff emphasizes the significance of ethics in investing and the dangers of fraud.

Overall, the conversation explores the individual journey and personal approach to investing. We discuss the divide between honest and unethical individuals in the business world and explore the importance of trust in the stock market and the differences between private and public businesses.

The conversation delves into the mindset of an investor and the power of kindness and gratitude. We also highlight the value of being part of a like-minded community and define success as personal well-being, fulfilling work, strong relationships, and giving back.


05:00 Introduction and Childhood Upbringing

08:06 The Influence of Jeff's Grandfather

11:11 The Power of Curiosity

15:00 Jeff's Discovery of Investing

19:53 Developing a Personal Investment Style

27:58 The Role of Accounting in Investing

30:57 Understanding Financial Shenanigans

36:08 The Importance of Ethics in Investing

39:01 The Gray Area of Accounting and Fraud

40:39 The Divide: Honest vs. Unethical Individuals

44:07 The Importance of Trust in the Stock Market

48:20 Private vs. Public Businesses

51:46 The Mindset of an Investor

56:46 The Power of Kindness and Gratitude

1:00:38 The Value of a Like-Minded Community

1:08:22 Defining Success

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