We will learn about leadership from a global executive who taught 60,000 students around the world.

My guest today is Elizabeth Campbell Pagé. She is an entrepreneur, manager, and global executive in international organizations, including The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and The Royal Society. Elizabeth teaches cross-sectoral teams in person and online.

She was also the founder, publisher, and editor of a global, peer-reviewed journal of economic and environmental sciences, Ecodecision, featuring Francophone and Commonwealth articles and distributed to over 100 countries.


Elizabeth C. Pagé shares her childhood influences, early adventures, and curiosity. She discusses the challenges and rewards of living in different places and straddling cultures. Elizabeth talks about her work in leadership development and the importance of leading remote and hybrid teams. She explores the redefinition of success and failure and the need for a broader perspective.

Elizabeth emphasizes the value of process and long-term thinking and the importance of intrinsic motivation in leadership. In this conversation, we discuss the redefinition of leadership in the face of disruption and the importance of creating more leaders. We explore the need for meaningful connections and creating environments where people can challenge ideas.

We also delve into the impact of AI on different professions and the need for re-skilling. The power of storytelling and trust in business is highlighted, along with the intrinsic value of stories and the human element. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the seismic shift in the definition of success.


05:00 Introduction and Childhood Influences

08:13 Early Adventures and Curiosity

11:02 Living in Different Places and Straddling Cultures

14:27 The Work of Elizabeth C. Pagé

18:38 Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams

19:29 Creating a Safe Space for Voices to Be Heard

27:26 The Importance of Process and Long-Term Thinking

33:12 The Nuances of Success and Failure

34:31 The Shift from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation

41:36 Redefining Leadership and Creating More Leaders

44:07 The Shift in Leadership and the Need for Meaningful Connections 45:09 Creating an Environment for Challenging Ideas

47:20 Preparing for the Disruption of AI

49:18 The Impact of AI on Different Professions

53:45 Aligning Values and Investing for Generational Wealth

56:54 The Power of Storytelling and Trust in Business

01:01:01 The Intrinsic Value of Stories and the Human Element 01:04:31 Insight, Hindsight, and Foresight in Success

01:07:54 Leadership as Guiding and Empowering Others

01:14:06 The Seismic Shift in the Definition of Success

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