In this Bible Story, Ruth gets remarried to Boaz. They have a child named Obed, who would be the grandfather of one of Israel’s greatest kings, David. This story is inspired by Ruth 3-4. Go to and learn the Bible in a Year.Today's Bible verse is Ruth 4:6 from the King James Version.Episode 74: Boaz was a kind man, treating his servants, and Ruth, with generosity and blessing. Naomi shares with Ruth that Boaz is in fact, a kinsman redeemer. By telling her what to say and do, she asks if Boaz will marry her and redeem their family. Boaz, excited at the opportunity, settles the matter of redeeming her at the city gate, and eventually the two become one. From this union, the line of David comes, and ultimately, the Messiah.Hear the Bible come to life as Pastor Jack Graham leads you through the official podcast. This Biblical Audio Experience will help you master wisdom from the world’s greatest book. In each episode, you will learn to apply Biblical principles to everyday life. Now understanding the Bible is easier than ever before; enjoy a cinematic audio experience full of inspirational storytelling, orchestral music, and profound commentary from world-renowned Pastor Jack Graham.Also, you can download the app for more Christian content, including, Daily Prayers, Inspirational Testimonies, and Bedtime Bible Stories.Visit for more resources on how to tap into God's power for successful Christian living.This episode is sponsored by Medi-Share, an innovative health care solution for Christians to save money without sacrificing is the digital destination of faith. With over 5,000 daily prayers, meditations, bedtime stories, and cinematic stories inspired by the Bible, the app has everything you need to keep your focus on the Lord. Make Prayer a priority and download the #1 App for Prayer and Sleep today in the Apple app store or Google Play store.Executive Producers: Steve Gatena & Max BardProducer: Ben GammonHosted by: Pastor Jack GrahamMusic by: Andrew Morgan SmithBible Story narration by: Todd Haberkorn

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