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The Landscape

In 2022 the cyber security field still consists of 24% women and only 2.2% LGBTQ+ minorities. Long-perpetuated gender, a...

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The Landscape

In 2022 the cyber security field still consists of 24% women and only 2.2% LGBTQ+ minorities. Long-perpetuated gender, age, and demographic biases held by the ‘Baby Boomer’ and Gen-X groups have led to a severe gap in the representation and advancement of women and minorities in this field. Millennials entered the workforce and attempted to forge a new way by asking for small changes; but definitely  conceding others. Currently the Boomers/Gen-X accounting for more than 55% of the workforce are on their way out.

There is a new perspective shift happening industry-wide in tech because Gen-Z has arrived, and they don't ask for change - they command it. Millennials and Gen-Z currently make up only 35% of the workforce but that will grow to more than 75% by the end of 2030.

The Solution

We are not here to simply identify a diversity problem, we are here to solve it. Head-on. It is our mission to close this gap by inspiring and empowering Gen-Z women and minorities to seize their place in the cyber community. Breaking molds to choose careers inherently designated for us by gender bias. Branding cyber as lucrative and exciting. Nurturing a curiosity in tech where it was conditioned out of us. Dispelling the myths surrounding different niches and avenues into cyber and highlighting the success and fulfillment that can be achieved here. We are going to bestow strategies for navigating the mindsets we encounter on a daily basis and how to overcome the challenges they present. We're going to do this fueled by bold, raw, unfiltered insights to propel new talent forward and challenge managers to join the train of progress.


We will never let ourselves, our message, or the value we give be censored or watered down to make a buck on this podcast or its audience. We will also provide truthful, value-driven insights according to our own experiences.2) SUPPORT & EMPOWER

We advocate for women unequivocally supporting other women. Eliminating sexist mindsets, toxic competition and leadership between women and minorities. We get enough of that from everyone else. 3) SOCIAL INTEGRITY

We are not here to lift women by bashing on men. We don’t believe success is pie and that more for us means less for someone else. We're here to educate and uplift anyone with an interest in getting into this field who may be at a disadvantage to do so.4) INSPIRING ACTION

We offer practical advice that can be implemented immediately for listeners to further themselves and gain traction in their cyber education or career. We foster mutual collaboration and give our audience a platform to take action and be supported in those pursuits.5) CREATE LASTING IMPACT

We curate content and speakers who deliver unbridled value to our listeners and their perspectives. We do not cater to guests and influencers whose message is limited to their own agenda or whose values do not directly align with our own and our mission.6) INVEST INTENTIONALLY

We want to invest in ourselves by paying it forward as much as we can. We will buy from, monetize with, collaborate with, and promote working with other minority-owned small businesses FIRST wherever they can fill the need. 

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