In this episode, we sit down with John Thornhill, the Innovation Editor and Tech Columnist at the Financial Times. Thornhill's journey, which began as a graduate trainee at the FT, has seen him report on the market economy in Russia during the tumultuous 1990s and serve as the Asia Editor for the FT. His early experiences writing about UK companies and understanding how the market economy works proved invaluable when he moved to Moscow in 1994, a time of significant economic transformation in Russia.

Thornhill also discusses the generational shift in journalism, contrasting his approach of sequential computation with the parallel processing of younger journalists. He admires their ability to simultaneously manage multiple platforms, from Instagram to LinkedIn, and their knack for turning every interaction into potential content. Thornhill's own venture, SIFTED, was born out of his fascination with the thriving entrepreneurial scene in Europe and his desire to create a product that he himself would want to read.

The conversation concludes with Thornhill's reflections on the importance of travel and the enriching perspectives it offers. He considers London his home, but values the insights gained from seeing his own world from the outside. Thornhill also shares advice for aspiring journalists, emphasising the importance of curiosity, determination to uncover the truth, and the ability to use and understand technological tools. He encourages young journalists to seize opportunities, build their personal brands, and develop a deep understanding of the world around them.

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