A tale of receiving cash from a demon; the result of the working having the same character as the working; a tale of summoning Lucifer; the danger of nothing seeming to have happened; the urge to teach Lucifer a lesson; appreciating the multiple facets of manifestation, including the experience of self; the contrast with the manifestation of the divine; the dilemma of leaning into the demonic; total manifestation and the redundancy of magick; warnings against demon magick; breaking free from the loop of repeated mistakes; exiting the occult; demonic bondage; a tale of trying to liberate a demon; the naivety of this; the torturous flavour of the results; the impossibility of liberating something with a nature opposed to liberation; a tale of demonic possession; the problematic but compelling nature of ritual amnesia; amnesia as a possible sign of trauma (or false transmission); the nature of trauma in relation to the demonic; similar dynamics in non-magical contexts; malevolence and its nature; evil and the denial of evil; speaking with a demon; the baffling refusal of the possessed to be free from possession; the dynamics of addiction; possession as a slow process with a long history; the accumulation of small violations of conscience; how a further false transmission results in a lost soul; malevolence as that which reacts to good as an existential threat; malevolence as a conscious choice; everything as an encounter with the demonic or the divine; the ubiquity and subtlety of malevolence; how demons erode conscience and lure us into destroying ourselves; examples of choosing a different course; all demons as one entity that uses our good intentions to destroy ourselves; humans and demons as malevolent in different ways; demons as the endpoint of malevolence; luring others into hating the good; a tale of roasting a demon in the fire; intentional malevolence manifesting as a demon; Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley on magical combat; how awakening is a fire and demons are drawn to extinguish awakening; spiritual reality and astral imagery; how demons say yes to annihilation.

Aleister Crowley (2010). Moonchild. San Francisco, CA: Red Wheel / Weiser. (Chapter 5.)

Dion Fortune (2020). Psychic Self Defense: The Definitive Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack. Newburyport, MA: Weiser.

Some of the material in this episode is covered from a different angle in OEITH #106 Tales of the Goetia. You can listen to this at https://tinyurl.com/2t6zwb5x or read a transcript at https://tinyurl.com/mr2ykek4.

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