Different types of discarnate entities; the nature of the entity defined by our relationship to it; distinguishing between different types of entities and relationships to them; elementals; the dead; demons; the pros and cons of experimentalism; “helpful elementals” and the problem of psychologization; two types of psychologization; power animals; ancestral spirits; the relationship to higher entities; how the divine demands everything; techniques of connection to higher powers; attention and the lower powers; the reciprocal nature of the relationship; the demonic sustainment of identity; relationship rather than appearance as the nature of the entity; the divine as self-evident; paying attention to internal states; how the lower realms might be helpful or necessary; the suitability of the contactee or devotee; working with the dead; attention to our own assumptions and motivations; “spirit-trafficking”; magick versus taking things seriously; a story about “demonic splashback”; issues concerning respect; demons as demonic; the story of “Marvin” and the dead cat; the engineering of circumstances by demonic entities.

Some of the material in this episode is covered from a different angle in OEITH #106 Tales of the Goetia. You can listen to this at https://tinyurl.com/2t6zwb5x or read a transcript at https://tinyurl.com/mr2ykek4.

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