Our recent podcast hiatus; the relevance of reputation to magick; the use of reputation by spiritual teachers (Crowley, Gurdjieff, Milarepa); the indispensability of dissuasion; contrasts between this and modern spirituality; warnings against reputational damage; reputational contagion; why and how reputation will not survive the Great Work; the reputational disaster of The Baptist’s Head material; why we might want to stand by this regardless; the antidote to these problems in Magia; following the thread versus reputation and preference; the destruction of the teacher’s reputation; bad reputation differentiated from inappropriate conduct; following the thread regardless of revulsion; the impossibility of gatekeeping; how disgraced teachers are often overly preoccupied with reputation; dissuasive teachers we have known and loved; trust for the truth rather than for the teacher; how, if even the teacher may not know what they are following, then neither will the student; why non-abuse is so easy; “Boomer magick” and its impact on contemporary spirituality; the Gen X perspective; the opportunity presented by the passing of the Boomers; the current prevalence of “the Phenomenon” in podcasts; the suspicious absence of faeries from our experience; the annoyance of crappy little spirits; the possible relevance of this to classic faerie encounters; misdirection, deviation, fakery and fictionality; the relationship of faerie and UFO encounters to awakening; getting stuck in the “outer threshold” of spiritual realisation; how most work with spirits might be a distraction; the contrast of this perspective with animism and spiritism; why the mystery of the Phenomenon is actually not mysterious; the delusion of collective awakening; the problem with “the other of the other”; the Phenomenon as a manifestation of the Many; the importance of engaging with particulars; encounters with birds and the contrast of these to faerie encounters; birds and angels; the paranormal as a possibility for initiation; discriminating between spirits by their relationship to the human; the Phenomenon as a parody of initiation.

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