Leaving the occult; the growing popularity of orthodox Christianity; what orthodoxy offers: not a lecture but participation in a ritual; symbolism and literalism; finding a spiritual orientation without institutional support; overcoming relativism as a first step; the dismissal of truth by postmodernism; a story about someone finding their direction in the Jehovah’s Witnesses; recklessness encouraged by our culture; the allure of occultism described by a convert to orthodox Christianity; strange parallels between occultism and Christianity; genuine initiation versus false initiation; the process of becoming a lost soul; occultists who do not actually believe in what they evoke; entities as existing beings versus entities as types of relationships; the shared nature of humans and discarnate beings; the nature of demons revealed through their manifestation; the machinations of the nameless god; spiritual LARPing; the absence of a guiding framework and the presence of a harmful framework; what the divine wants for us: sacrificing the self to the self; idolatry and deification; the lack of magick in Christianity; the drawbacks of magick versus its experiential value; the Abramelin ritual and the embedding of magick in a religious tradition; the pitfalls of superstition in Christianity; an instance of an exorcism gone wrong; the nature of superstition; saying yes or no to demons versus attempting to expel demons from others; possible future trends.

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