Why do Christians need counseling? Isn’t the Gospel enough to transform us? We hear these questions fairly often. Today Dr. Kim and special guest Jason VanRuler dive deeper into these questions and the conversation about the role of therapy and counseling in a life devoted to following Jesus.

Don’t miss this helpful conversation! We pray this episode is helpful for you and your marriage. 

Episode highlights include:  

  • How often do clients have no idea that they haven’t gotten past their past? 

  • Unexpected ways your past might be showing up & affecting your marriage today

  • Updating the negative messages we believe about ourselves 

  • The effect of vulnerability on our marriage connection 

*Music for this podcast is created by Noah Copeland. Check him out here



  • “Where there's a disconnect in relationships, it’s often a disconnect from the system we witnessed growing up and what we’re trying to make happen today.” - Jason VanRuler 

  • “When we get comfortable, the old ways seep out to the surface.”  - Jason VanRuler 

  • “Every time a client says a negative message about themselves, I ask, is that the message you think God gave you?”  - Jason VanRuler 

  • “One of my great joys is working with people to eliminate distractions so they can focus on the truth and live the life God has called them to.”- Jason VanRuler 

  • “If we want to feel connected and we’re not feeling connected, a lot of times that emotional intimacy and depth is the missing link.”  - Jason VanRuler 

  • “When we get vulnerable and honest, it attracts intimacy from our partner and we have a different relationship.”  - Jason VanRuler 

  • “The marriage we want is often on the other side of vulnerability. We just don’t often know how to get there.”- Jason VanRuler



  •  Do you recognize any ways you haven’t gotten past your past? 




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