Do you fight fair, or do you wish there was a referee to call a stop to the foul play when you argue with your spouse? Ground rules are an important step toward having healthy marriage conflict, so today Dr. Kim will spell out how to make sure you’re fighting fair in your marriage. We want to empower you to fight fair, and resolve issues in a kind and loving way. 

If you need help to fight fair and truly resolve issues without making things worse, you will love today’s conversation. 

We pray this episode is helpful for you and your marriage. 


Episode highlights include:  

  • The DOs and DON’Ts of fighting fair 

  • The side effects of unhealthy conflict 

  • A healthy way to “let it all out” 

  • Can honesty go too far?  How do you know? 

  • Tips to the reconnection process - how to make up well 


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  • “We both learned we needed to reconnect and apologize, but sometimes we werent’ ready to take that step at the same time. We had to learn that somebody needs to take the step. It doesn’t really matter who started the fight or who was wrong.” 

  • “Taking responsibility is huge. Owning your part in it, even if you think you only did 10%, you still did 10%.”

  • “What are you sorry for? Be very specific in what you did and why you're taking responsibility.”

  • “I say it a lot: One of the best gifts you can give your marriage is to learn how to resolve conflict.” 

  • Forgiveness and apologies need to have no strings attached. It’s just that I choose to do this. 

  • We’re not just trying to clear a slate so our spouse stops bugging us. Have you repented before the Lord? That’s where this starts. 

  • We are accountable to Him before being accountable to our spouse. Did I just treat my spouse in the way He would have me treat them? If not, I need to take that up with Him 



  • When you really think about it, how did it affect your spouse when you had this conflict? 

  • Repentance. Learning from the mistakes made and committing to work on them together. 




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