Khido Nafas

Khido Nafas

Khido Nafas, a podcast in Arabic, about us, our perceptions, inhibitions, illusions, and challenges. It is a space, a platform to co-create, connect, and come together inspired by our discovery that the way out is always IN. Khido Nafas, is a podcast that aims to connect us with our inner resources, by simply discussing topics that are not given attention on mass-media such as forgiveness, abundance, victimhood and others. The podcast will deal with various topics in an innovative way by looking at everything from a psychological, social and spiritual lens, without giving it a context and without judgment. Khido Nafas Trio brings richness, dynamism, authenticity and fun when discussing very serious and deep topics. This recipe is what is unique about this podcast. How to transform into simple words very complicated topics, how to make spirituality accessible while having fun. Khido Nafas is a tool to self-love, self-healing, inner strength, and a breath of fresh air. We aim at looking at our situation from a new perspective as we believe that our country’s well-being and the worlds well-being is made up from each individual achieving their inner peace and this starts by looking inside, by asking the right questions and realizing our inner power. The timing of Khido Nafas is of essence amidst what is happening In Lebanon and the world, fear and uncertainty are the name of the game however we believe we have a choice, we believe as long as we breath anything is possible. So let’s talk about that!

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En podcast av: Khido Nafas by Suzanne Talhouk, Myrna Beaini, and Ella Emanuel


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