Do you have a fear of failure or a fear of success? Is it the same or how can we differentiate those two? Jessica shares more in depth around what the main subconscious block is that holds coaches back from truly thriving in business. 

Jessica is an award-winning mindset & Business Mentor and serial entrepreneur having scaled 5 successful businesses in all different business models (product, agency, travel, personal brand). Using her 7+ years experience, deep understanding of business, mindset/shadow work, marketing & buyer psychology to help incredible women scale their business & create life changing transformations. She knows how to help anyone unlock their own version of wild success as she believes that we are not one size fits all so our business shouldn’t be either!

She has an Aries Sun, Leo Rising with a Virgo Moon.

We discussed the role of astrology in business growth and how understanding astrological transits can help entrepreneurs align their energy levels with their business strategy… We also talked about nervous system regulation, $78k cash collected weeks, the astrology behind her business blowing up back in August 2022 and the astrology of this year… Which is aligned with her goals around publishing her first book and Tedx Talk, setting herself up for success!

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04:15 Transition to Balanced Business Approach

05:05 Astrological Insights and Business Growth

09:40 Working with Astrology for Business Strategy

17:09 Identifying and Overcoming Subconscious Blockages

22:42 Fear of Success and Fear of Failure

25:05 Navigating Challenges and Holding Leadership

31:00 Tools for Nervous System Regulation

36:19 Embodying a Wealthy and Successful Identity

*This podcast helps online coaches use astrology to grow their business in a more aligned way, with a feminine approach to entrepreneurship and leadership.

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