What are the key elements of building a soul-led business, other than learning how to fully trust yourself and follow your intuition? The truth is, we cannot build a successful business when we are not open to do the deep healing work.

In today’s conversation, you’ll hear us speak on Jenna’s astrology (soul’s purpose and transits), as well as the importance of taking ownership of money stories and healing in order to build a thriving online business for coaches. We also explored the topic of charging high-ticket prices and creating premium offers, where we emphasise the need for mastery, unique value and belief in oneself.

We highlight the significance of bringing in intentionality and sacredness in business, as well as the importance of knowing when to raise prices based on transformation and energetic exchange. Such a juicy convo!

My guest today is Jenna Black who’s a business mentor from Australia, and her WHY is to remind all women of their divine power to create a business and a life tapped into limitless wealth, limitless freedom, and complete alignment. She is here to help every woman remember this power so she can enrich the world through her soul gifts.

She has a Cancer Sun & Moon and a Taurus rising.

Key takeaways:

Running a soul-led business involves trusting oneself and following intuition.

Businesses go through identity shifts and evolve over time, requiring reflection and adaptation. Taking ownership of money stories and actively healing is essential for building a successful business.

Charging high ticket prices and creating premium offers requires mastery, unique value, and belief in oneself.

Self-worth is crucial in pricing, and charging too low can lead to undervaluing and over-giving.

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02:11 Definition of a Soul-Led Business

03:34 Working with Clients and Trusting Intuition

05:37 Tools and Practices in Soul-Led Business

08:12 Identity Shift and Evolving Business

11:29 Reflections on Business Shifts

14:09 Shifts in Business and Money

15:22 Early Years of Business and Personal Growth

20:24 Charging High Ticket Prices and Premium Offers

26:20 Intentionality and Sacredness in Business

31:25 Knowing When to Raise Prices

34:30 The Importance of Self-Worth in Pricing

*This podcast helps online coaches use astrology to grow their business in a more aligned way, with a feminine approach to entrepreneurship and leadership.

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