In this episode of The Swine Nutrition Blackbelt Podcast, Dr. Urbano Ruiz, a distinguished professor from the University of Sao Paulo, explores the vital topic of nutrient variability in swine feedstuffs. Dr. Ruiz shares groundbreaking insights from his lab's research, emphasizing the critical role of nutrient digestibility in enhancing pig growth performance and sustainability in pig production. Through discussions on the importance of reevaluating feed ingredients and the impact of animal age on nutrient absorption. Discover innovative strategies to optimize diet formulation and minimize environmental impact by tuning in to this episode on all major platforms.

"Evaluating the digestibility of nutrients is crucial for not only formulating the right diet but also for enhancing pig production's sustainability." - Dr. Urbano Ruiz

Meet the guest: Dr. Urbano Ruiz, currently a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, brings a rich background in swine nutrition from his tenure at Sao Paulo State University and his agronomy degree from the same institution. His work focuses on optimizing feedstuff for swine through detailed nutrient analysis, aiming to enhance pig growth performance and sustainability in pig production.

  • (00:00) Highlight
  • (01:11) Podcast Introduction
  • (02:25) Nutrient Variability Focus
  • (03:33) Sustainability Discussion
  • (05:01) Age Impact Analysis
  • (06:13) Ingredient Examination
  • (08:11) Digestibility Results

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